how to tackle a man

UK slang: Men's genitals, just like meat and two veg, often uttered with the word 'wedding', hence 'wedding tackle'. 'Man Tackle' is also in use, but not as common.
On his wedding night, Jonny produced his man-tackle and told his wife to get to work... 

wah from the urban dictionary the word tackle means as shown above.......
well, for me... its kinda slanga.. tackle means to win something or someone. In this context.. to win a man's heart.....

man, it is easy to win their heart.....
below is what i found from the respective blogger....

Step 1

  Understanding is the first way to win a man's heart. A man needs a woman that can listen and not be judgmental no matter how petty or dumb the conversation sounds. Listen and make comments that show concern. Pay attention to him and make him feel he is the only one. (so whether you are right and he is wrong.. just keep your mouth shut!)
Step 2

  A strong sense of humor is needed where most men are concerned. They may think something is funny that the woman finds disgusting, but the woman needs to play along to win the man's heart. (be like mr bean is not advisable)

Step 3

  Cooking experience is necessary to win a man. Men love women that can cook a delicious dinner. Dinners and a touch of romance make the heart grow fonder. Not all meals have to be 5-star meals, but the taste is more important. Learn to cook his favorite foods. (it means... you cook and he eats..)

Step 4

  Bedroom activities are another way to win a man's heart. Men enjoy a good time in the bedroom and sexual activities are always a way to win a man's heart. Learn to experiment with different positions and types of sexual pleasure. (good info.... dont ask for more as sometimes man also need the "feel")
Step 5

  Keep a clean house. Men are always looking for a woman that can clean, cook and look beautiful all the time. Keep everything tidy and never leave dirty dishes or dirty laundry lying around. (becareful with man , they seldom talk but walk away... tidy up please!)

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

how to tackle a man

Do you really know how to make him fall in love with you? Do you ever feel that you and your man are on different wavelengths? Do you feel like you're putting all the work into the relationship and he's not holding up to his end of the bargain? When it comes to men, trying to make him fall in love with you can be trying and frustrating. Read on to find out what you can do to give him a little push, as well as to learn why he might not be moving as quickly as you.

The good news is that while it does tend to take men longer to fall in love than it does women, once they do finally fall in love it generally lasts a long time for them. That means that although it might be currently frustrating to you, eventually it will get better and then you can be facing a long-term relationship.

Of course, you can't really make him fall in love with you if the feelings weren't there to begin with, but you can show him that you love him and that you want him in your life. You can do this without overwhelming him too much and scaring him away.

Men are also a little confused these days when it comes to relationships and what, exactly, their roles are supposed to be. Women are taking more control than ever and asking men out, making big decisions in the relationship, and even proposing. As a result, men aren't sure what they are supposed to do. It can be daunting and even a little emasculating.

Consequently, some women are figuring out the old dating rules might not have been so bad to begin with. They at least gave the men illusion of control which made them more comfortable. Here are some other things to consider:

Let him pursue you, at least a little. Let him think that he is the one chasing you, even if you're the one that actually initiated the interest.

Try not to put too much pressure on the relationship to become more serious. It might make him scared. Instead, enjoy the relationship at the beginning and be happy in the moment as much as you can.

Try to participate in some of his interests, as well as introducing him to new things that they two of you can do together. This will encourage bonding.

Be yourself and be honest with him about your intentions. Men appreciate honestly and that will be your first step if you are attempting to make him fall in love with you

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